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Why we created Voicera?

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Krishnakant Singh
Krishnakant Singh

Hey there, you awesome blogger.

Imagine you’ve researched for days & days on a topic & gulped jugs of caffeine to keep yourself awake at night, and worked on content. And after days of brainstorming and hard work you’ve finally managed to craft an exquisite piece of content that you can show to the world. You can barely hold the excitement & a maniacal grin appears in your mind thinking about the response from the readers. You’ve uploaded the content & sleep in seventh heaven thinking about being bombarded by messages and praise from your readers around the globe. Reality hits & you woke up, this was not the result you were expecting. You wait for some more time to discover that it’s still the same. Why God why?

Ever happened to you? You are not getting the kind of response you were expecting. Despite writing an eloquent piece of content you feel like you are missing out on something. Your readers are bouncing off your blog. You are not able to grow your reach despite trying all kinds of SEO that you learned from online gurus? We completely understand it and that's why we are here for you.

But Why?

But let’s first understand why this is happening. It's not just you who's going through this dilemma. Millions of blogs out there having the best content are going unnoticed. The reason being the extremely busy schedule of people & their hectic life. Almost everyone nowadays is so busy that they read on the go. They read while they are commuting, they read while having breakfast, they read in the elevator, they read in parks. So, how much do you think they can read like this. Of course, they are bouncing off . Of course, your awesome content is not reaching the masses.

So, we as a community of bloggers are witnessing a new wave that’s completely going to change the world of blogging. A paradigm shift of blogging culture from reading to listening content that not only will save a reader’s invaluable time but also will be interactive as hell. This is the solution to all the problems you’ve been facing as a blogger up until now. An era of blogging where you can maximize your reach & readers by saving their invaluable time listening to your interactive blogs has come. And to not miss this wave of change,we’ve got you buddy.We at Voicera are providing voice to your blogs.

Introducing Voicera

Voicera is a voice-as-a-service platform that allows bloggers and media-houses to enable voice dictation to their articles along with their content with a simple click. Now, reach your busy readers via interactive blogs that can speak and increase your retention. It’s extremely simple to use with one just click. And wait there’s more, it supports multilingual accents too. And above all it’s totally free. Yeah you’ve heard me right IT’S TOTALLY FREE. Amazing isn't it ?

Final words

The users that opt for audio typically do so because they don’t have the time or patience to read or watch (multitasking is the no.1 motivation to choose an audio experience). Thus, in fact, be increasing the time users spend on your website and their pages per session. The bottom line – audiofying content will result in more users and more hours throughout the day when users are engaging with your content.

Since,you’ve made it here. You deserve a reward my friend. Use Code “4NIQH4” while you signup on our website to get 2000 more credits on top of the usual 20,000 credits we are offering as a launch offer.